2019 Prices ( Rolling Availability)

We are often getting requests about prices for the following year so to try accommodate everyone were now making bookings available on the website for for the next 12 months in advance. If you are wanting to book even further in advance this is fine but please contact us via email to arrange.

2019 prices are now available to book through to May, with more being added every month however as the summer holidays are simple we have added those in now as they had already been requested. 

Many thanks


Refundable Security Deposit (Bond)

Over the past years we have had a few incidents of items being broken and indeed very occasionally guests have left the property in a condition that makes it very hard to turn around to the best of our ability in the limited time we sometimes have available. 

Whilst these incidents are rare, this year we have had two occurrences already therefore, after seeking advice from those within the business and our insurance providers we have reluctantly decided to introduce a small refundable security deposit.

The refundable security deposit (bond) will be set at £50, regardless of the duration of your stay and will be payable with the final balance and not included in the initial deposit payment.

This bond will be used to offset the cost of damage caused or extra costs incurred from needing to deep clean or replace items. 

Whilst we appreciate that minor accidents occur we would like to confirm that we are not going to start charging for minor damage / wear and tear.

Upon your departure we will quickly check the property over and we will action your refund within 24 hours of check out. 

We are well aware of the difficulty in finding a property in Whitby that will allow your pets to holiday with you and we did not want to be forced to remove this option from our guests therefore a security bond seemed to be the next best solution.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope you and your pets will agree. We look forward to welcoming you all in the future.

From Tom, Sue & Adrian

2018 Prices Available

We finally have our 2018 prices available and ready to go on the website, as always, any personal dates or slight changes we can help with please let us know and we will see what can be arranged. 

Once again thanks to everyone for booking to stay at Spindletop, and from all of us we look forward to seeing you next year!


2017 Prices Available

We have finally input our 2017 prices for Spindletop Cottage. We have already had a few requests for dates so were happy this is now completed, as always if there is anything not showing up for you or you would like something a little different to the systems default options, get in touch and we will try accommodate wherever we can! Our only restriction is Saturday to Saturday during our peak periods, other than that were flexible to suit our customers. 

Hope to hear from you in 2017


Spindletop Cottage Whitby

You asked, We added

When our guests have finished their stay at Spindletop Cottage we have a small survey available for reviews, feedback and requests. 

The most asked for item recently has been improved TV and WiFi facilities. So on the back on this we have had Sky+HD installed with the family bundle and Broadband installed with WiFi ready to go.  

So, if you get the email asking for your feedback please let us know what would have improved it for you and we will make the changes we can. 

Any news or further improvements will be on here and our social media pages, Facebook & Twitter

Tom - Spindletop