Refundable Security Deposit (Bond)

Over the past years we have had a few incidents of items being broken and indeed very occasionally guests have left the property in a condition that makes it very hard to turn around to the best of our ability in the limited time we sometimes have available. 

Whilst these incidents are rare, this year we have had two occurrences already therefore, after seeking advice from those within the business and our insurance providers we have reluctantly decided to introduce a small refundable security deposit.

The refundable security deposit (bond) will be set at £50, regardless of the duration of your stay and will be payable with the final balance and not included in the initial deposit payment.

This bond will be used to offset the cost of damage caused or extra costs incurred from needing to deep clean or replace items. 

Whilst we appreciate that minor accidents occur we would like to confirm that we are not going to start charging for minor damage / wear and tear.

Upon your departure we will quickly check the property over and we will action your refund within 24 hours of check out. 

We are well aware of the difficulty in finding a property in Whitby that will allow your pets to holiday with you and we did not want to be forced to remove this option from our guests therefore a security bond seemed to be the next best solution.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope you and your pets will agree. We look forward to welcoming you all in the future.

From Tom, Sue & Adrian